Hoopoe Safaris

Hoopoe Safaris is an East African safari outfitter and operator, providing sustainable, community-partnered, eco-friendly safaris, treks and mountain climbs, as well as low impact, sensitive cultural encounters and learning experiences, with integrity and value, since 1992.

With offices in Arusha and Nairobi, and a workshop in Arusha for our fleet of 17 safari vehicles, we offer top-notch traditional wildlife safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, as well as a more holistic introduction to the region. This can include geology, anthropology, history, as well as an understanding of the people, or the modern realities of animal – human conflict, politics, gender issues, etc. depending on your clients’ interests.  Hoopoe is renowned for its professionally trained, experienced and extremely knowledgeable guides – the single most important aspect of any successful and memorable safari.