RPS Walking & Specialist Safaris

Robin Pope Safaris is famous for walking safaris – Robin was a pioneer of the walking safari in Zambia back in the 1980s. We offer walking safaris from our camps, as one of your daily activities, where you experience how immersive and exciting it is to see animals on foot.

Luangwa Bush Camping, with the best of guides, dips deeper into the bush by camping out for a couple of nights, with simple but delicious dinner and stories around the fire. We often walk between Tena Tena and Nsefu for two or three days, camping on the way, in one of the most lagoon rich areas of the Luangwa, hence the game is superb.

Our iconic Mobile Walking Safari has long been known as one of Africa’s best wilderness experiences. Here our most experienced guides take you to the Mupamadzi River, a remote and wild area where the terrain and habitats are varied, and the game unused to humans. From ants to buffalo, a bird’s nest to tracking a lion, you will learn the many facets of the bush, while spending 5 nights in a fully-serviced, comfortable and well-equipped mobile camp.

We also offer specialist safaris, such as the Bat Safari in Kasanka, when the skies darken with 10 -14 million fruit bats, a Photographic Workshop for a week in South Luangwa, our  Carnivore Week with the Zambian Carnivore Programme researchers, or a safari by boat with our River Journeys, where you visit areas inaccessible by road.