Summits Africa

Summits Africa has been running Kilimanjaro Climbs for over 20 years and has earned a reputation for being the industry leader.
Ethics: Guides and porters are your lifeline on the mountain, so we’re wage leaders, even sending a porter liaison member to monitor their rights, food, accommodation and tips.
Safety: always our priority. We always provide Oxygen, an Altitude Sickness Scorecard, even a Portable Altitude Chamber for the routes where you can get stuck, unable to descend.
Training: Our guides have the most ambitious training available, including bi-annual programs (not forgetting chef and porter training!)
Equipment: Our equipment is replaced frequently, and a close eye is kept on every detail, (including critical items like zips) as tents wear quickly at altitude.
Systems: With our systems-based approach and consistency of detail, checklists, routines and briefings keep our team in touch, from trip preparation through to completion, and 24-hour staff monitor every climb.
Levels of Climb: we have 3 different levels of climb, STANDARD, LUXURY AND VIP. This means you can choose the right level of comfort for your clients.
Route Options: we use 6 different routes, so you can choose the route according to fitness levels, budget etc. We focus on reaching the rim at Stella Point, so clients are more likely to summit successfully.
Set Departures: We have a range of set departures which can be sold into on a per person basis with set dates