Robin Pope Safaris

Robin Pope Safaris

Robin Pope Safaris offers exclusive game lodges in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, walking safaris, and some of the finest luxury houses in Africa. Unbeatable “bush and beach” holidays can be created by combining our lodge at Lake Malawi, Pumulani, with safari in South Luangwa or Malawi.

Robin Pope Safaris – Zambia, South Luangwa NP

Bush Camping
Kawaza Village
Luangwa Safari House
Luangwa River Camp
Mobile Walking Safaris
Nkwali Camp

Robin’s House
Tena Tena

Robin Pope Safaris – Zambia, Livingstone

Stanley Safari Lodge

Robin Pope Safaris – Malawi

Pumulani – Lake Malawi
Mkulumadzi – Majete Reserve
Kuthengo Camp – Liwonde Reserve

Robin Pope Safaris – Zimbabwe

John’s Camp, Mana Pools National Park


Summits Africa

Summits Africa has been running Kilimanjaro Climbs for over 20 years and has earned a reputation for being the industry leader.
Ethics: Guides and porters are your lifeline on the mountain, so we’re wage leaders, even sending a porter liaison member to monitor their rights, food, accommodation and tips.
Safety: always our priority. We always provide Oxygen, an Altitude Sickness Scorecard, even a Portable Altitude Chamber for the routes where you can get stuck, unable to descend.
Training: Our guides have the most ambitious training available, including bi-annual programs (not forgetting chef and porter training!)
Equipment: Our equipment is replaced frequently, and a close eye is kept on every detail, (including critical items like zips) as tents wear quickly at altitude.
Systems: With our systems-based approach and consistency of detail, checklists, routines and briefings keep our team in touch, from trip preparation through to completion, and 24-hour staff monitor every climb.
Levels of Climb: we have 3 different levels of climb, STANDARD, LUXURY AND VIP. This means you can choose the right level of comfort for your clients.
Route Options: we use 6 different routes, so you can choose the route according to fitness levels, budget etc. We focus on reaching the rim at Stella Point, so clients are more likely to summit successfully.
Set Departures: We have a range of set departures which can be sold into on a per person basis with set dates

Hoopoe Safaris

Hoopoe Safaris is an East African safari outfitter and operator, providing sustainable, community-partnered, eco-friendly safaris, treks and mountain climbs, as well as low impact, sensitive cultural encounters and learning experiences, with integrity and value, since 1992.

With offices in Arusha and Nairobi, and a workshop in Arusha for our fleet of 17 safari vehicles, we offer top-notch traditional wildlife safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, as well as a more holistic introduction to the region. This can include geology, anthropology, history, as well as an understanding of the people, or the modern realities of animal – human conflict, politics, gender issues, etc. depending on your clients’ interests.  Hoopoe is renowned for its professionally trained, experienced and extremely knowledgeable guides – the single most important aspect of any successful and memorable safari.

Savage Wilderness

Savage Wilderness is the leading adventure company in Kenya, offering mountain biking, mountain climbing and white-water rafting, from day activities from Nairobi to week-long adventures.

Savage Wilderness was founded in 1990 by Mark Savage, a bush pilot who saw the rafting potential of the Kenyan rivers he flew over. Adventures on white-water rivers are still a big part of Savage Wilderness’s product, and with our 12 rafts, 24 inflatable canoes and 60 kayaks, we can offer anything from 2 – hour kayaking for beginners, to multi-river expeditions lasting 5 to 50 days, enjoying breathtaking experiences in spectacular scenery, with sightings of Kenya’s incredible wildlife.

With a fleet of over 50 ‘Giant’ mountain bikes and 5 E-bikes, biking packages are also integral to the company. With vehicle support (Land cruisers and motorbikes) and E-bikes for the less fit, cycling can be suitable for all ages and abilities, whether you want gravel riding, mountain biking on Mt Kenya, bike packing or simply enjoying some exercise while game-viewing. 5km cyclists can travel with 50km cyclists and all meet for lunch, and itineraries could be 7 days of cycling or a morning activity from Nairobi. You can combine mountain biking with rafting, kayaking, ziplining, mountaineering, hiking and rock climbing, to tailor-make your adventure itineraries.

For extraordinary adventure, Savage Wilderness can strap your bike to a helicopter, take you up Mt Kenya to cycle down, or off to explore the African wilderness by helicopter, dropping down to bike runs when your guides see suitable terrain. Welcome to heli-biking!

Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland offers the ultimate adventure: epic, continent-crossing tours where the destinations are awe-inspiring, but it’s all about the journey!
Not for the faint-hearted, our expeditions are camping, and we even add a night of wild camping on almost every leg.
Africa: have you ever dreamt of travelling from the Cape to Cairo? With Oasis Overland you can go a step further, and travel from Gibraltar to Cairo (only 42 weeks!)
South America: travel through 10 countries on our Latin adventure, from snow-capped mountains, arid deserts to lush jungle. Highlights include Machu Picchu, swimming with pink dolphins, and the glorious Galapagos Islands.
Central Asia: our adventure takes you along the Silk Road, where you admire ancient architecture and nomadic cultures, before you explore the wonders of China, Pakistan or Georgia.
South East Asia: 24 weeks still isn’t long enough to see all that South East Asia has to offer, from China’s Terracotta Warriors to beaches, rainforests and dynamic modern cities.
Middle East: fall under the spell of Arabian magic as you travel back in time, through Jordan’s Petra, the forts of Oman to the largest sandy desert in the world.

Lake Natron Camp

Possibly the world’s most sustainable eco-camp, Lake Natron Camp is run by local Maasai, and profits go to their village. With 7 luxury tents, the camp nestles between the dramatic volcanoes of the Rift Valley, and the fresh-water streams that run to Lake Natron. These streams create natural, freshwater pools that provide the camp’s swimming opportunities, without impacting the local ecosystem. It is a raw luxury at Natron, where the high temperatures make the natural pools a necessity, and a pleasure to dip into during the day. There is plenty of hiking from camp; the waterfalls prove particularly popular! Viewing flamingos at the lake is unforgettable, and dangerous game avoids this area, creating an oasis of calm after your trek or safari.

Encounters Travel

Encounters Travel offers good value, exciting adventure tours in many of the world’s most exotic destinations. With incredible and unusual itineraries, we combine visiting famous sites with home-stays and meals with local people. Our detailed knowledge means we visit corners of the world unknown by most operators.

Encounters Travel’s Tailor-Made tour itineraries are sure to inspire, whether your interest is the history of the Mogul emperors of India and visiting their sumptuous palaces, or exploring the Buddhist culture and mountain top temples of Bhutan. All our cultural tour itineraries are well balanced and immersive, allowing you to appreciate cultural heritage as well as enjoying some free time. Our local guides are all experts in their countries’ culture and history, and we use many different modes of transport, both public and private. We have a wide range of sample itineraries to choose from, or as a base for you to tailor to your own requirements.

We also provide Charter trips, which are white-labelled tours running under your brand. If you have always wanted to sell group trips but need a reliable partner, Encounters can help you out.

Encounters also offers Family Tours, where we have designed itineraries specifically designed with children in mind. These tours are tailor -made, allowing your guide to be more flexible with your itinerary during the day, and to spend more/less time at certain sites according to the interest and ages of your children. They are also designed to reduce the stress of parents, and make sure everyone has a good time.

Our shoestring group tours explore amazing worldwide destinations at an accessible price. Accommodation levels are often a step lower than our ‘small-group’ tours, maximum group sizes are normally higher, and there may be fewer inclusions in the itinerary.

Our small group tours offer creative and imaginative itineraries for groups of 12 – 20, where you explore a country in-depth, with a group of like-minded travellers.

Kirurumu Under Canvas

Kirurumu Under Canvas offers a complete circuit of tented properties for safaris in Northern Tanzania. We are a leading provider of private mobile luxury camps, and an integral part of our ethos and efforts is working hand in hand with local communities towards sustainable tourism and wilderness preservation.

Our mobile classic-style tented camps follow the annual migration, while our permanent tented lodges are strategically placed to enjoy both wildlife and cultural experiences. Our camps are luxurious but not over the top, allowing us to keep prices reasonable.

We use custom-built 4×4’s, which are replaced on a regular basis, with a mix of open game drive cars for our game packages, based at our mobile camps.


Leonotis Adventures

Leonotis Adventures runs two adventurous treks: The Footsteps of Mankind and The Great Rift Valley Trek, where the incredible, breathtaking vistas from the Ngorongoro Highlands along the Rift Valley down to Lake Natron showcase some of Tanzania’s most spectacular scenery. The changing lives of the local Maasai and their customs collide with the fascinating pre-history of the area, as you search for fossils, cave paintings and footprints of the early hominids who inhabited the area a million years ago, culminating in a visit to the museum at Olduvai Gorge. Our mountain camps host groups of 2 – 18, and we ensure that no trace of your visit is left in this pristine landscape. Tired legs soon arrive at Lake Natron Camp, and exertion is rewarded as you cool off in the natural pools.